We help you connect with:

New Designers

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Textile Designers

Take inspiration from the work of our unique artisans and inspire them to improve weaves

Use their materials to experiment with your work.

Participate in our design competitions and showcase your work on our platforms across


Upload video of your beautiful connections so that designers all over the world can connect with you

Share your process with the world to let them know the beauty of handmade.

Understand the design requirements to improve your products

Download App

All you need to do is download our app from Google Playstore, goto the Artist video section and upload your creations. You can upload both images and videos of your designs if you are a designer. Your handmade creations if you are an artist.
We will select the best ones and upload them on our site with your name.
At the same time, we will help you connect with artisans and sell your creations with us.